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BPL (Baker Perkins Laundraland) Pty LTD has been under present family management since 1982, prior to which it was the local subsidiary to the then parent Baker-Perkins Peterbourgh UK. We are only too pleased to share the decades of experience with our existing as well as prospective clients.
BPL specialises almost exclusively in the supply and technical support of industrial & commercial laundry and dry-cleaning equipment.

The brands we supply and support are world renown and world class. Many with international ISO standard recognition.

BPL has its own in-house technical department directly employing technical personnel directly accountable to the company and its customers. These members are technically qualified and competent having undergone both tertiary technical training as well as in-house training specific to the equipment that we sell and support. Brands and products that BPL sells and supports include in alphabetical order:

ADC-American Dryer Corporation | Gemme | GMP | Maytag | Primus | Pony | Realstar

Spares can be sourced for most brands, we still stock spares for Nyborg, Wascator, Grandimpianti for whom we were the agents previously as part of our obligations to our customers.

BPL pledges to hold all regularly required original spare replacement parts in our store in Johannesburg, thereby minimising downtime to an absolute minimum.
Part of the guarantee we provide is to hold spare parts on all machines sold for a minimum of 10 years from invoice date which translates to a minimal average of 15 years of support. We have customers that we are comfortably supporting with machines that are more than 25years old!

BPL has a broad customer base, we currently have and service over 1400 customers directly on our books, each using an average of 3 machines as well as a country wide affiliated agent network. Neighbouring state affiliates and sub-dealers which further enhance our support structure.
Each further supporting their downstream customers. This should serve to assure any future customers that we are a signification player in the Southern African/Sub-Saharan/Indian Ocean Island market capable of servicing them long into the future.

A diverse customer base emphasises both the adaptability of our products as well as the problem solving ability of our management and employees. Our pages will illustrate on-premise-laundry clients dedicated to: recreation- hotels, national parks, casinos and resorts, incarceration -prisons and youth development centres; care-centres- Aids children orphanages, hospitals & clinics and other religious and welfare organisations and places of industry- Abattoirs, mines, refineries, dairies, collieries and chemical plants.

Off-premise commercial laundries & dry-cleaners ranging from the small drop-off laundries that process two tons laundry a month through to government regional and private laundries that are capable of processing two tons of laundry an hour form part of our client base.

Coin-Operated and micro drop-off laundries are a significant sector both in terms of shops as well as multi-housing units. These offer fantastic investment opportunities to first time investors.
Rentals and shared profit schemes are available to selected clients.

Dry-cleaning is another growth business that we can assist an entrepreneur, BPL can offer small owner run concept business employing as little as 2-3 people to larger manager run shops with far larger staff compliments.

Our Southern African regional presence is highlighted by the fact that we have successful operational installations in:

Angola | Botswana | Botswana | DRC | Lesotho | Namibia | Mozambique | Malawi | Rwanda | Swaziland | Zambia | Zimbabwe | Zanzibar

. Reconditioned laundry equipment and second hand equipment, is an interesting proposition for many clients both start-ups as well as established, often serving as less expensive method of entering the market or a way of increasing capacity for existing clients but saving on capital outlay. The customer can rest assured that whatever BPL offers, it is backed up with a limited warranty assuring the customer that BPL will stand by the sale of the equipment offered.

Rebuilds, have always been an economic necessity due to the relative high cost of regional/local capital many existing customers opt to rebuild exiting equipment rejuvenating both the mechanical as well as in some instances the control. BPL has demonstrated in a great number of installations where rebuilds have been highly successful extending machine life by over 5 years or more.

Auxiliary Services, we offer include facility planning in terms of capacity, layout, electrical, steam, water and waste requirements.
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